Slowing down.

March 2, 2010

Part of my being ill means I’ve been unable to keep up with a lot of things and I’ve had to slow down the rate I work on things and choose more determinedly between things I want to work on.

I haven’t done any work on my hexagon blanket, or sewn my belt bag together yet, mainly because ever since I figured out how to do those twisty crochet stitches I’ve been a little obsessed with them, especially “granny” stitch projects so have been spending my limited crafting energy on those.

I’m still somewhat obsessively working on my little sisters somewhat belated birthday present, which is taking up a lot of time and I can’t show it to you till its finished but I’ve started working on a crochet project for myself:


Using the leftover marble chunky from my pretty neaty cardi, I have started a triangular shawl pattern using the same principles as the granny square but in a triangle instead.

It involves a odd beginning where you seem to be working a semi circle, but then you start to shape it, and the chains at the beginning of each row create a lovely top edge.

Part of this crochet madness is partly because I’m finding crochet easier on my wrists at the moment and till the doctors help me get the pain under control, I seem to be able to crochet more than I can knit!

My blogging is slowing down as well, but i’m hoping to get back to more regular posts soon.


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  1. did I mention i love that photo? Purple!

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