When I remember Musings….

February 9, 2010

I knew there was something I forgot to do yesterday!

The weather in my neck of the woods:

Cold. Snow was forcast but its looking like lovely blue skies out there, although that means there may be below freezing temperatures.

Some of my simple pleasures:

Having finally learnt to make a Granny Square. Yes, I may shut up about that eventually.

On my bedside table:

My Mp3 player with my Audio books on it; painkillers, and the Mercedes Lackey Mage Winds Trilogy.


Not quite as soft and fluffy as The Last Herald Mage trilogy, but still comfort reading.

I need to get my hands on the 3 books that come after these; infact they follow on from them. They are the Mage Storm Trilogy.

As I mentioned last week I’m running out of books to read…again.

On my TV:

Anything thats on that takes my interest at the moment although I’m rather enjoying watching Monty Don on My Dream Farm. I’m just glad to see him fit and well and on TV again. I could listen to his voice all day.

On the menu for tonight:

Minted Lamb Burgers, vegetables and baked potatoes.

On my To Do List:

Work on the hexagon blanket.

Work on the Granny Squares.


Done from last weeks To Do List:

I’ve completed a couple more hexagons for the blanket.

New Recipe I tried last week:

Pasta al’Arrabiata with Meatballs. Delicious and minimal chilli.

Looking forward to:

Ravelympics and working on my bloomers again.

Watching the winter olympics.

Lesson learned the past few days:

Ankles can plot against you. Seriously. My left ankle is in a bad mood with me.



  1. Omigosh, I love Mercedes Lackey and I have all her books. I’m trying to get them all as audiobooks, but don’t seem to be having much luck.

    Where’d you find them?

    • Hey you! Nice to see you over here!

      Afraid they are good old paperbacks, not audiobooks. Oooh Lackey Audiobooks, now theres a thought!

      She’s great isn’t she. Its such comfort reading. A friend of mine at Uni called LHM *exploding pink fluff*!

  2. LOL, I read Arrows first, my dad got them out of the library and we both read the trilogy twice before taking them back.

    I spent hours on eBay hunting for the books!

    I managed to find some of the audio books on norty torrent sites, but haven’t listened to them yet to check the quality

    • Ooh. Have you read her elemental mage series?

  3. The Elemental Masters (Fire Rose, Serpent’s Shadow, Gates of Sleep, etc) no, I wait for her to finish stuff now so that I don’t get to the end of a book and spend months bitching for the next in the series LOL

    It’s been a couple of years since the last one, hasn’t it – are they finished now?

    • the last one of those came out last christmas; reserved for the cat; you realise they are reworked fairy stories right?

  4. No, I didn’t know that. I’ll add them to the list

    • Fire Rose is beauty and the beast (if you read that one, I see myself as a very similar person to the main female character in it) ; Shadow of the Serpent is Snow White; Gates of Sleep is sleeping beauty and so on.

      PM me on Rav and we could arrange to lend each other some books?

  5. The Mage Storms aren’t very good imo and are certainly lacking in appropriate amounts of fluff! I am fairly fond of the Mage Winds ones though; I read the second of them first, which had me staying up all night for the first time like in the Dar song (I even had my shirt on backwards), and it’s still my favourite, partly because it’s so obvious who’s pulling the strings in that book 🙂 I love the third one just for the Dating Advice For Catgirls scene. You’ll know what I mean when you get there.

    If you like free yarn you need to tell me what kind of yarn to get for you!

    • Ooh thene! What about the Owl Knight ones? Dating Advice for Catgirls is good. Need is a wonderful character though. Dar song?

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