Thinking Inside The Square

February 9, 2010

I, Purplestocking, have an announcement to make.

Over the course of the last few days, whilst feeling terrible and not up to doing very much I’ve looked at the couple of books I have that show you how to crochet and I think I have finally managed to get the hang of it. Its not pretty yet, but its definetly crochet!

I’ve practiced my chains, my doubles and and my trebles. I even went so far as to try some half-trebles. Now, don’t all gasp at once.

This, completed on Sunday afternoon, is my first ever Granny Square and my second ever Granny Square.


Its not perfect but I think its beautiful. Sirdar Click Chunky, and a size 6 crochet hook. It took half a dozen attempts but as I’ve barely been up to getting up off the sofa, let alone anything else, my brain has been working on overtime and something finally clicked.

As someone who has been obsessed with Granny Squares for some time, this is a huge deal for me.

At my weekly knitting group last night, I was gifted with LOTS and LOTS of Sirdar Bonus Chunky yarn (free yarn is the best yarn in the world!) by the lovely Tsuki and straight away started working on some Chunky Granny Squares. She had got it all for a knitted blanket that never came to be and I’m helping it realise its blankety destiny. Things can have blankety destiny can’t they?


Rather dandy if I say so myself! Lots of pretty colours, although I am liking the idea of striping each one with the black. Can you stripe in the round?

Chunky yarn worked with a 7mm hook and a 4 round square. Measures about 6inches across.

The chunky crochet is also good for when my wrists and fingers are being painful (stupid M.E.), so thats something I can work on when my hands aren’t up to knitting socks or hexagons.

More coming soon, but for now I’m enjoying the feeling of finally conquering something I’ve wanted to for so long!



  1. The color combination is very interesting.

    • Thankyou! I’m using black as an accent colour with the others to tie the colour scheme together. Well, that’s the idea anyway!

  2. Your work looks good. Are you turning your work when you get to the end of the round? Just curious. 🙂

    • Thanks ever so. Its nice hearing it looks good when I only figured it out at the weekend!

      I didn’t on my first two, but I’d read more when I got to the second two and it seems to help it even out. On the two colour ones I am weaving ends in as I go.

      • Okay. Just curious. I don’t turn my work after each round. A lot of people do so that it can be seen (term?) from either side.

      • Curiosity is always good 🙂

  3. they look fab! Yes, yarn can have a blankety destiny, I’m so glad it’s going to be used!
    I don’t envy you the sewing up though!

    • Thanks hon, thats great to hear! I’ve finished the deep pink/black ones, some purple/black ones, and started some blue/black ones. Only problem may be I’m going to run out of black!

      I’ve been looking at crocheting up methods 🙂

      Thanks for getting me started on the crochet, hon. You have no idea how much I appriciate it.

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