Organizational Skills

January 27, 2010

There is some benefit to not being able to move about much. I’ve managed to hurt the remaining good ankle as well so have been doing some valiant hobbling. Yes, I am really that much of a klutz. Anyway, It’s forcing me to sit still and knit or write.

In the last day or so, I’ve got my belt bag is knit up and just needs sewing together and the buttons sewing on, my toe socks are already for the toe socks to go on them, if I don’t decide to just use the normal toe I use for socks as the actually getting the damn things to fit my feet properly is going to involve more thinking than I can really muster at the moment, one of my stories might actually have reached a point of moving forward…I’ve not so much had writers block as plot block. I couldn’t work out how to move it forwards.

I’ve been sorting out my yarn for my blanket project and put together a sort of work basket so I have my colours to hand:


Its got all the colours I’m using:

Purple, Gemini, Raspberry, Highland Burn, Blue Mix, Orange Mix, Hazel, Vivid Blue, Pale Pink, Airforce Blue, Magenta, Plum, Grey, Chalk Blue, Twist, Dark Purple. There is also another pale blue I’m using, but I seem to have mislaid the skein for now. There is a couple of colours I don’t have that I’d like to use, but I haven’t managed to get hold of them yet. There is a shade called Garnet, and another called Damson, I’d like to use: and the black that I want to crochet round the edges of the hexagons with.

Yes, I need to finish learning to crochet first, I know, but I’ve read about making a decorative ridge along your joins by making a single crochet through a loop on each motif on the right side of the motif (wrong sides held together).I’ve got time to learn though. Its going to be a few months till I have enough hexagons done, and then I will be able to fit them all together into my blanket.

My hexagon obsession is again being fueled by seeing and hearing about a book that is coming out in April:


Its going to be pricey; its preordering at £19 – but I am so utterly in love with the socks on the cover I’m going to have to save for it. They are so unbelievably beautiful.

I’m also preparing a new journal as the old one is nearly full. It involves things like writing my favourite quotes and poems into it like Jenny Joseph’s Warning as well as a copy of the hexagon pattern – always useful as I’ve often got my journal with me, as it lives near me all the time.

Moleskine’s have a segment at the front where you write a reward for returning it if it ever goes astray.

Last time, I offered cookies, but this year, well I’m not sure what to put.

Hugs – No. I might have to hug someone weird.

Yarn – Only currency amongst yarnies?

Cookies – more likely to appeal to a wider audience?

Chocolate – It depends; are we talking a small bar, or a box?

Money – so passe.

Choices, choices.



  1. The colours for the blanket look lovely. Good luck with learning to crochet. Having those yarns together should spur you on to make a start. I know that is what would happen with me.
    IO know what you mean about those socks on the cover of the new book. They are amazing!

    • Hi Mandy, thanks for stopping by. I really am considering the deep red(garnet) as that part of the colour pallette seems to be missing and it would balance out some of the other colours. I’ve an evening ahead of me to be filled with hexagon knitting. I’ve already done just under half of the 179 hexagons needed.

      They are amazing socks aren’t they? A couple of ladies on ravelry I am fans of both entered and are both being featured in the book, so am looking forward to it immensely.

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