Monday Musing and some thoughts.

January 18, 2010

I’m not going to go on about Haiti, as many many people have said what I would of said, but I will say, if you can, donate to Medicine Sans Frontieres. They do good work, and they don’t care about whether you are rich, poor, your faith or lack thereof, and I think they deserve all the support they can get. If you donate you can chose to either donate to a specific area of the fund or add to the general fund with which they can then fund what they need most urgently.

Without the ability to actively do anything to help those poor people who have lost everything I’m clinging onto my own normality for that is all I can do.

The weather in my neck of the woods:

Last time I looked outside it was mizling (a cross between mist and drizzle).It makes the air sort of wet, and your coat gets wet,even though its not raining.

Some of my simple pleasures:

  • Marking off the hexagons I knit on the little worksheet I made, watching it slowly creep up to halfway and beyond. A very simple, but also thrilling little pleasure.
  • Using the Cath Kidston Wild Rose shower gel I got for Christmas. Its lovely, a luxury, and makes me smell like Turkish Delight! I rather enjoy smelling like Turkish Delight!
  • Red Apples. Washington Red Delicious to be exact:


They could almost be perfect shiny poison apples from Snow White, and I am enjoying looking at the beautiful red glow of them.

In the last week or so, I have had cravings for apples and have been taking great pleasure from eating these with a sharp knife, slicing people off and eating them.

This is partly a really nice way to eat them, and partly because my mother used to tell me off for doing so, because I might cut myself.

Rebelling still? Moi? Damn Straight 😉

On my bedside table:

Little Grrrl Lost by Charles De Lint (Yes, he is one of my favourite authors, why do you ask?).


Its an exploration of a theme he’s used previously in The Little Country, and written for a younger audience, but I’m enjoying it so far, and its worth it just for the beautiful cover artwork.

On my TV:
All the things we’ve recorded over the last few days and just haven’t quite got to watching.

On my Mp3 Player:
My new abney park album – From Dreams or Angels;One of my xmas presents which didn’t arrive in time. I’m really loving their music, and it has a wonderful steampunk aesthetic which is always going to appeal to me.

A new Charles De Lint Audiobook. I am so pleased I have an Audible subscription which allowed me to get audiobooks at members prices.
This one is called Memory and Dreams.

memory and dream

Issy’s art frees spirits;As a student she discovered she had the ability to paint her wildest fantasies to life, but this has side effects ultimatly hurting those she loves, and so she stops painting. Its a story about dealing with the past, and not letting go of your dreams and even recapturing them.I’m only about a quarter into it, but I’m enjoying it.

What am I wishing was on my Mp3 player?
Mark Vincent (discovered thanks to Rabbitch), Josh Groban and Seth Lakeman.
All new performers to me.

I know, I am hopelessly out of the loop.But there is a slight reason. For many years I’ve had a thing for listening to strong female vocals but in the last year or so, I’ve started really enjoying listening to strong male vocals too, but I have very few in my music collection.

Mark Vincent has a beautiful voice for one so young, and to me at least, has a beautiful rich depth to it and being only 15 his voice is only going to develop.

Josh Groban I could listen to for hours. He has a lovely voice.

And I have developed an instant crush on Seth Lakeman. A pretty boy who can fiddle AND sing. Be still my heart! AND.AND. He’s from the UK. Born and bred on the beautiful Dartmoor.*sigh*

On the menu for tonight:
Something simple, and preferably very quick cooking. Dinner was ruined last night by the gas running out halfway through cooking. It was edible, but I had to finish it off in the microwave.

I may be lazy and do ready meals from the shop…

On my To Do List:

  • Work on my blanket. As I mentioned, I’m taking pleasure in marking off the hexagons as I make them.
  • Work on my socks; I’ve toe socks and sideways garter socks on the needles at the moment.
  • Work on my belt bag.
  • Do some writing; I’ve got a story in my head telling me it wants to be written, and who am I to ignore it?

Done from last weeks To Do List:

  • Get rid of this non specific lurgy I have – working on it. Its still not gone, and seems to have morphed into something else.
  • Finish my accounts – Done. Waiting for info from HMRC before I can finish it.
  • Work on my blanket – 3 more hexagons made.

New Recipe I tried last week:

I tried a variation on Scrumbly Jumbley but it didn’t quite work.

New Recipe I’m thinking of trying next week:

I’m seriously tempted by the Sweetcorn fritters from the new Hairy Bikers show. I just need to get organised to get the ingredients.

In the craft basket:
Lots of things. I spent some vouchers at Poppys in Pocklington at the weekend. I got some buttons for my belt bag, some yarn needles and stitch holders, some lovely deep purple Country Style Dk for my blanket and some lovely regia sockyarn which is literally begging to be cast on….which would be naughty but its calling to me…


Looking forward to:

Feeling better again. I spend half my life looking forward to this at the moment, but its a good aim to keep looking forward to.

Lesson learned the past few days:

That peoples jealousy can drive your talent away.

I’ve been thinking about writing various posts over the last few days, but getting thoughts out of my head onto the page has been a little difficult the last few days. I’m going to work on it this week and get more posts up on the blog over the next fortnight or so. They will be on a range of subjects, from knitting, to clothes, to books, and just things I’ve been thinking.

Anyway, my body is screaming for a nap so thats where I’m going.

TTFN and I’ll see you soon!


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