Midweek Musings

January 6, 2010

All anyone can talk about at the moment is snow. How much, how deep and how little councils are doing about it. How much people either love or hate it, how its stopped them getting to work, or the pleasure they are taking in doing other things because they are snowed in, or just simply the complications of the schools being closed.

Some people are acting like its never snowed before; is it just me or did it snow this much when you were a kid? Perhaps we got more snow in my home town because of being near the coast, and to a child snow was wonderous, rather than a cold inconvience. I do reserve the right to continue to be amused by the schoolchildren from the local secondary school without decent thickness coats on because it would ruin their “look” especially the one squealing earlier because her hair was being ‘ruined’ by the snow.

Its a little difficult with all the snow to get out and about so I’ve spent a lot of the last week or so indoors, and have been busy thinking, writing and knitting as I’ve been ill yet again.

I got a pretty amazing late xmas present of a second hand laptop to help with my writing and letting me get online on my bad days. I’m writing this via it, right now. Its not superduper or anything but its helping me like anything and is allowing me a new sort of freedom. I’ve been slowly writing short stories and have had a couple of non fiction pieces accepted into the last couple of issues of The Gatehouse Gazette, a steampunk/dieselpunk webzine. You can imagine me jumping up and down amusingly, flapping my hands like a teenager, at the prospecty of having been actually published.

I’ve been having another bad patch with the illness; whatever it is. I had a couple of things going on with my body, and it was like it couldn’t cope with both, so it decided to cope with neither. Today I am incredibly stiff and my joints are incredibly sore, and I can feel most of them which is a very disconcerting feeling. I’m improved on yesterday though. The hardest thing is having had to give up tea. The tannin counteracts the iron suppliments I take. It stops the body absorbing it normally too.

I’m thankful for fingerless mitts at the moment as its making me feel up to typing, and helping my hands keep flexible enough to knit, oh shallow knitting addict that I am. I’ve been working on my blanket mainly; Its a pattern I know pretty much by rote.  I could probably work on it in my sleep if only the possibility of sleep knitting were a real one.

I’ve got 75 of the 179  needed for the blanket make so far. Thats almost halfway!

My camera batteries are charged and ready for me to take project photos to update you with, but I just haven’t felt up to taking them. I’m aiming to get them done before the weekend and update you with them over the weekend. My ravelry pages badly need reviewing, tidying and generally updating. My stash page bares little or no resemblance to what I actually have.

With the fella being back at work this week I’m starting to get my own little routine and I’m hoping to be able to get back into a regular blogging routine, especially now I have an easier method to do so; its easier to work on here than trying to type blogposts into my phone. I’m keeping up my Monday Musings. I rather enjoy doing them, and I like being able to look back over what I’ve thought on a particular day, but I want to write more actual posts; about things that have caught my attention and things I would like to show you, and share with you.

TTFN and I’ll be back soon! 


One comment

  1. 🙂 yep the snow is being overhyped… 😉

    congrats on the published article and 😀 bout the laptop! xx

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