End of Year Musings

December 31, 2009

Its New Years Eve, and it feels like I was just coping with Christmas just yesterday.

(Am I the only one who finds this time of year incredibly tiring?)

I am hoping to have more to say in the new year and to update more than these weekly musings but I felt a last one of the year was warranted so here it is:

The weather in my neck of the woods:

Bored of the cold now. *pouts* Would definitely like no more snow and no more ice but as they areboth  forecast for the end of next week,  no chance there.

I’m looking forward to the arrival of spring, and my snowdrop bulbs are just starting to stick their little shoots above the soil.

Some of my simple pleasures:

Having rediscovered my favourite Turkish Apple Tea. I just need to find somewhere nearby that stocks it now!

Enjoying the gifts I recieved for xmas and planning what I’d like to spend the yarn vouchers I received on.

On my bedside table:

The first, second and third books of His Dark Materials. I found a copy of The Subtle Knife in our local second hand bookshop. Its nice seeing all the little details that had been left out of The Golden Compass film etc.

On my TV:

Well, as I’m staying in tonight its going to be Jools Holland’s Hootenanny.

Tomorrow Night it will be Doctor Who of course.

On my Mp3 Player:

The Abney Park album I got for Xmas. I am rather taken with the song ‘Airship Pirate’.

On the menu for tonight:

Gin and Tonic, and chocolate….Oh, food?

Something childish and simple like chicken goujons, chips and baked beans. I don’t feel like thinking today :-p

On my To Do List:

  • Take some project photos.
  • Take down decorations.
  • Make my doll some clothes. Yes, she’s very cold.

Done from last weeks To Do List:

  • Wrap presents and put them under the tree – done, obviously. The presents were ripped open and enjoyed by all.
  • Knit on my cowl – finished it in time to wear it on Xmas eve.
  • See the doctor yet again – done. Actual blood test results were given to me – instead of the incorrect ones I had been given which means I discovered on Xmas eve I have deficiencies of Iron, Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid, so I am on tablets and will be retested in a couple of months, and my diagnosis is back in limbo till we discover if this is the underlying cause of my symptoms or just another complication.

New Recipe I’m trying next week:

The fella got Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food from me for Xmas so we will be trying a new recipe from that; when he finally decides which one he’d like to try!

In the craft basket:

My finished cowl hat and mitt set that I really need to photo;  in fact, when I’ve finished writing this I will go and charge my camera batteries and do all the project photos I need to.

Looking forward to:

The Ravelympics in February. The  12th -28th 2010.

I’m entering my “blooming bloomers” – my lilac unmentionables.

This project stalled sometime ago, mainly due to knitting socks for the fella, then making a hat, mitt and cowl set for myself for Xmas. They are all done now and its back to work on older projects.I’ve decided this is the perfect candidate for the Ravelympics2010 WIPs-Dancing event: WIPS and only WIPS. Projects must have been cast on at least a month before the games and have been dormant at least a month before the games so it qualifies on both counts.

I’m with team Purplehaze; the team for people who cope with ME/CFIDS/CFS/Fibromyalgia and other fatiguing conditions.

I’m actually looking forward to the Winter Olympics. I really enjoy watching the curling, figure skating, bobsleigh, speed skating and I am thinking about watching the ice hockey this time around.

Projects I hope to work on next year (ravelry links) :

Finishing my hexagon blanket and my bloomers and the socks that are in progress (yes, I’ve had startitis again!).

A belt bag/no hands handbag.

A Tea Mitten teacosy and a matching mug cosy.

A Gnome.

A tanktop or 3.

A knitted Acorn.

A hedgehog or two.

And my first patternwork socks.

Oh, and improving my crochet skills!

(Disclaimer: I reserve the right to forget about this list, change things on it, and make something completely different 😉 )

Lesson learned this last year:

That good, true friends are worth their weight in gold.

That a job you love can change your life.

That listening to what your body is trying to tell you is very important.

Aims for the upcoming Year:

  • To write more;  be it on here, in my journal, articles for Gatehouse Gazette or my short stories.
  • To move house to somewhere with double glazing, insulation,  a bathtub and a washing machine. Another winter in this place may drive me mad.
  • To get healthier and stronger again, but to accept my limitations if that’s what I need to do.
Anyway, have a lovely new year and see you all soon!

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