Where did Monday go?

December 22, 2009

Yesterday disappeared into a rush of the last first class posting day before Xmas and going to the supermarket and so, here we are with Tuesday musings again.

The weather in my neck of the woods:

Chilly. There is still snow and ice on the ground and I’ve got the heating running most of the time, but it doesn’t half eat gas credits. A house with proper heating and insulation is high on my list of new year wishes.

Some of my simple pleasures:

Playing the Settlers of Catan dice game that we picked up when xmas shopping on Saturday (its utter madness to venture into town, seriously!).Hmm, I wonder if Settlers is where my hexagon obsession started? Oooh I could knit Catan coloured hexagons…oooh.

A nice cup of tea to warm up cold hands.

Getting Christmas presents wrapped and under the tree.

On my bedside table:

The first and third books of His Dark Materials, bought second hand at the weekend. I need to find a copy of The Subtle Knife before I dive in though. Nothing worse than finishing the first and having the third that you can’t read because you need to read the middle one..

On my TV:

Lots of Xmas goodies; Muppet Xmas Carol, Royal Institute Christmas Lectures, Cranford Xmas specials, Wallace and Gromit, Victorian Farm repeats, Victorian Farm Xmas, and many other goodies.

Am looking forward to watching The Snowman, Dr Who Xmas Special Part 1 and 2,  and various Xmas films.

On my Mp3 Player:
I am currently listening to Dreams Underfoot by Charles De Lint, and am finding interesting learning some back story for some of the characters I’d already met in The Onion Girl.

I had to format my Mp3 player recently – it had seized up – so it gave me the opportunity to refill it with music, ranging from Ezio, to a couple of Enter the Haggis songs, to Dar Williams, Emile Autumn, and a whole host of singles from the 80’s and 90’s from pop, to rock. Perfect for dancing in your head.

On the menu for tonight:

Left overs from last night. I made a big (huge even) dish of Pasta, Bacon and Carrots in wholemeal mature cheddar cheese and herb sauce. It will last a couple of days and its good, filling and takes some of the stress off.

Its a variation on a dish my mum used to make me and the rest of the tribe, which had broccoli and cauliflower in it as well.

On my To Do List:

  • Take some project photos
  • Wrap presents and put them under the tree.
  • Knit on my cowl
  • Make my doll some clothes.
  • See the doctor yet again.

Done from last weeks To Do List:

Nothing. Am starting afresh this week.

New Recipe I’m trying this week:

Am making Rabbit and Stout Stew with Dumplings for our festive meal this year. I can get prepared rabbit from the butchers.

In the craft basket:

My craft basket overflow’eth. Therefore I am focusing on my current knitting which is a garter stitch cowl, and then I will focus on at least making my rag doll some underclothing.

Looking forward to:

Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. I’ve always been particularly fond of Christmas Eve. Its when all the excitement and things associated with Christmas really happen.

Lesson learned the past few days:

Entering the Borders (UK) closing down sale was utter madness. As I said at the time, anyone who believes in Chaos theory should go observe.


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