Monday Musing and Fever Dreams

December 14, 2009

The weather in my neck of the woods:
I’ve not been outside in days but am assuming from the temperature its not warm or dry out there.

Some of my simple pleasures:
My simple pleasure the last few days has been feeling up to picking up my knitting, working a row or two, and then having to put it down again. But doing that repeatedly meant my knitting grew a little.

On my bedside table:
Charles De Lint’s The Little Country and a book of Arrow words. A notepad – am making notes for my xmas letter – and my meds. I never claimed to be interesting.

On my TV:
We rented a box set of series 2 of 24 last week and are attempting to work through it.

On my Mp3 Player:
Am listening to The Onion Girl again; I should get an Audible credit soon and am buying another Charles De Lint book. If only his books were easier to find! You can find them on Amazon but with shipping they work out very expensive. I shall have to carry on keeping an eye out and generally asking for them for birthdays and things.

On the menu for tonight:
Scrambled Eggs and Pancetta bits, possibly with sauteed new potatoes..also known as Scrumbly Jumbly in this household.

On my To Do List
Get through the week and start the list afresh next week.

Done from last weeks To Do List:
Nothing. I missed my doctors appointment, and between the fella being ill and then my catching it, very little has happened.

New Recipe I tried last week:

New Recipe I’m trying this week:
I’m ill so the urge to bake is upon me. Biscotti want to be baked…damn recipe books…

In the craft basket:
The socks are still there – toe socks made with two sets of needles from opposite ends of the ball.
A scarf cowl thing to match mitts and hat already done…really need photos.
Hexagon knitting – ever present.
Bloomers – body still not finished…

Yeah. I know, I still need to get on with it all don’t I? Perhaps I should add elements on each to my to do list?

Looking forward to:
Getting better again. Unspecified flu like illnesses suck.

Favorite photo from last week:
This one from Farmgirl Fare – its amazingly textural.

Favourite blog post from the last week:
Its been around for a while, but I’ve only just seen it. I WANT this house.

Lesson learned the past few days: That if Fella, who NEVER gets ill, gets sick, then I WILL catch it no matter how many jabs I’ve had and tablets I’ve taken.


Fever Dreams
Along with the medication I take, having had a temperature the last couple of days and sleeping a lot has made my mind come up with some very odd things.
The oddest dream its given me?
Well; I had my own airship – that in itself is not that strange – but people from DS9 lived on my airship. Dax was the first mate, Kiera was Captain and the lovely Dr B was in the engine room. Even stranger? My cabin was heaped with exquisite yarn and fabric in lovely colours; rich emerald greens, deep reds, peacock teals, plummy purples, marled beauties, stunning greys, jet black, and yarns with sparkles in it.
There was beautiful wood and patchwork everywhere, and it was very nice but a little strange.

And my job on my airship?

To make pretty things. That would be such a cool job. Why isn’t that my job?

We were flying along doing whatever it is you do with an airship; I don’t think we were skypirates, but who knows; and met a giant raven who blew us off course with her wings and we ended up in a strange land…and then I woke up.

And I wasn’t worried about the strange dream. I was annoyed I hadn’t got to explore the strange land.

I worry about me sometimes.

Temperature seems to have abated for now which means slightly less odd dreams for now…but still, I better go to bed. Night All.

(Written on phone so formatting decidedly wonky…)


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