Drawing a blank….

December 10, 2009


As I said on Monday, I was in the process of aquiring a sketchbook after being bothered by the fact I’ve stopped drawing.

Well, a little while ago my new sketchbook arrived; a A6 Seawhite of Brighton Classic Artists Travel Journal. They are pretty similar in style to my favourite notebooks, Moleskines. They have oilpaper covers, elastic closure bands and a useful little pocket at the back.

I’ve used Seawhite Sketchbooks since I was at college. They were a standard of paper expected by my tutors and lecturers so it seems somehow suitable that I would start drawing again in them.

Only problem?

I really have absolutly no idea what to draw. Inspiration has fled, and I don’t know where to start.

That blank page that haunts writer and artist alike.

I shouldn’t even been thinking about drawing. The fella is ill; he’s running a temperature and feeling horrible.

For the moment I’m escaping symptoms.

Let’s hope it stays that way, huh? Mild for him could be bad for me…


One comment

  1. Draw fairies!

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