Sad news and personal quandries

November 20, 2009

That sweet little newborn donkey I posted a link to on Monday didn’t survive the week. She was named Flitta for she flitted in and out of her lovely owners lives, and I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to lose an animal who’s birth had been so looked forward to and anticipated.

I’ve only ever lost my beloved childhood tabby cat (it was a mixture of old age and a tumour) called Pudding (her brother was called Pie – a ginger tom who fathered a whole host of ginger cats who live in the cemetery near my parents house). My parents had had her since before I was born. She and her brother were found as stray kittens. She was a glorious grumpy beautiful cat who moved into the outhouse by choice when I was bought home from the hospital. The tumour meant she had to be put to sleep, but it was starving her to death and she was odviously in pain. I still miss her, and I was sure for a long time I could still spot her out of the corner of my eye.
I got such a fright one day when a new tabby cat from down the road, who looked just like her had wandered into the garden and decided to sit on the windowsill in puddings favourite spot – it was an old wooden sill so it must have been in the sun a lot of the day.

She was an old cat and it was her time unlike poor Flitta.

When I live somewhere I can have a pet I really really do want to have a cat again.

I know cats and knitting probably don’t mix but still, I still want one – another tabby, silver or tortie.

I was originally going to write this post purely to help myself decide on whether to carry on the toe up sock I’m knitting.

I’m enjoying the process but I really don’t like the fabric the yarn is producing. I’m using King Cole Zig Zag and the fabric it produces is thin and has no smoosh to it, and smoosh is important in socks. Plus, I don’t have the energy these days to make things I may never wear.

So, do I frog it?
Does anyone want the yarn?
Or do I just pull the needles out and throw the yarn away?


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