The brain and blogging

November 13, 2009


My blogging fu hasn’t been working properly the last week or so.

I’ve still not been well,and so very tired, and this week has been busy with doctors, assessments and blood tests.

On Monday, after a lot of thought, I went to see my doctor about the fact my current illness wasn’t going away and I went armed with a list of my symptoms and how long I’ve had them.

After some discussion with my doctor He’s given me a provisional diagnosis for M.E.

I have to admit that I’d thought about my having it several times and that it could be the underlying issue under my other health problems.

Yesterday, I went for a reassessment for therapy and am being referred for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and today I’ve been for blood tests to rule out other causes of my symptoms. I left feeling a bit like a pincushion and have those odd bruises you get on the inside of your elbows that do nothing but ache.

I’ll get my results next week, and see the doctor after that and in time I will get an official diagnosis and start learning how to manage the illness.

All this has been very tiring; both physically and mentally which means I’ve been sleeping a lot, and not really been in the headspace to blog but I do so want to get back to it. I just need to work out how to take better photos and what I want to take pictures of.

I have a swap parcel to show you (such lovely things), there has been some progress on my bloomers, and have managed a few more of my hexagons for my blanket.

Does anyone know any good photo tutorials?


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