WISPy Wednesday

October 28, 2009

Well, I wish I had a cacophany of things to show you but I don’t.

So far this week I’ve knitted the grand total of 1 hexagon for my blanket – its magenta (which is more purple than magenta) for anyone who is interested. I won’t bore you with yet another picture of a knitted hexagon.

My energy levels are still horribly low and I only got that knitted because now I’ve knitted 50 of them I pretty much have it memorized.

I’ve done very little crafty since my WISPless entry last week.In addition to the knitted hexagon I’ve also tacked a dozen patchwork hexagons. I was going to make a cushion but I may make a patchwork teacozy inspired by the one in this post over at HenHouse…(Yes, I am addicted to this blog…she makes me smile). I also discovered half my home made hexagon papers aren’t true hexagons…I’m gonna have to suck it up and buy a hexagon template aren’t I?

Instead of knitting I’ve been dreaming about the things I’d like to knit and sew and am currently daydreaming about cotton flannel fabric that doesn’t come in baby appropriate colours and is available on this side of the Atlantic, and learning to knit fairisle/colourwork.

I’m also dreaming of having a decent button box again with suitable contents. I have lots of shirt buttons, and a couple of nice ones, but I am feeling I lack buttons at the moment..and I need something to keep them in.

Today I have managed to organise the slow cooker for tea and will tell you about that on Friday.

I am trying to remain cheerful, I promise!

Work has begun on the defeating of the laundry mountain however, and I hope to have it sorted out soon. Plus its probably time to swap out the summer clothes for winter ones…Or at least think about it. Thats proactive, right?!


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