This and that…

October 18, 2009

I’m curled up on the sofa under a duvet writing this on my phone.I’m dosed up on ibuprofen and strepsils and am smothered in vapour rub. I spent just under two hours yesterday morning sat in the walk in clinic waiting room to be told that I have a virus which is making me congested which is affecting my balance and making my lymph glands hurt like anything; mainly down one side of my body which is making me feel all lopsided and wobbly.

I’ve been ill for literally weeks now and I am understandably fed up.

On the upside not being up to doing anything means that last night I finished “THE SOCK” ahead of schedule which means the pair are completed, done, finished, finito with 3 days to spare and I can knit something else, journal properly (“THE SOCK” and illness had taken over) and think of creative projects again without adding – when I finish THE SOCK – to the sentence. I’ll get photos when he tries them on properly on his birthday.

In other news; I actually won something…I never win things!


I entered Cosymakes draw to win one of her hat patterns…In this instance the Snow Cat Hat…mainly on a whim. I thought the pattern was cute.Well, I was amazed to find the pattern appear in my inbox, and I have a few things to make first but someone I know is getting one of these for Xmas. šŸ˜‰ Thanks Cosette!

I’ve had an unfortunate fortnight crockery wise and the demise of my new birthday tea cup and my favourite mug mean I’ve been looking at teacups and mugs online. I’m rather taken with theÖDMJUK series from IKEA, which would be a beautiful tea service to own but I’ve fallen in love with a particular range of cat related items called Cats in Waiting.

The mug that got broken was from this range and so it seems somehow meant to be to be wanting the teapot/teacup for one set.

Tea is important to me, or at least the little rituals that tea can involve. Its been part of my healing “program” for my anxiety; part of my efforts to get better; part of my cushioning myself from the world when things get too much and an excuse for leaving the house – a bit like my knitting.

Cabin fever has somewhat set in and I am becoming far too well versed in the intricaties of daytime tv; I’m struggling with pain and energy levels all the time at the moment, and just hoping I’m going to start getting better soon.

Thanks for listening to my small rant/whine thing, but unfortunatly it appears to be nap time again.



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