October 9, 2009


I journal. I try to do so everyday. In fact I keep two!

I kept a diary as a teenager until the awful day my mother read it; I’ve still not entirely forgiven her nearly 15 years later.

I started again in mid 2007 and wrote it till the end of that year. I meant to start a new one on the first of the year 2008, but that was when the illness that sparked my anxiety and depression off again struck and it took till early August of this year for me to feel up to it again.

I find it soothing, and a place where I can work out things that truely bother me, or just mark the passing of my day. I record ideas and progress of projects and record information.

I use large hardback moleskine lined notebooks mostly and a particular type of ballpoint pen – a Staedtler stick 430M. I also have a Parker fountain pen as well which makes my handwriting looked lovely and I may start to use that more. I didn’t have a fountain pen for a long while when I moved to York as it was sacrificed to the moving gods – they always take/break something during your move.

I use pictures and momentos in my journal; pictures that I’ve seen and find inspiring, tickets from journeys, pictures of things I want to make or have made, and photos and postcards I really like.

I take my journal to most places, it lives in one of my two bags. As you saw in one of my recent posts I’ve even made a knitted envelope for it.

In my second journal I make short records of each day – somewhat like a book of days. For this I use an extra large soft cover academic 18 month diary. This one stays at home.

I’ve recently joined a Journal Swap on Ravelry and am really looking forward to it, I’ve got a really nice swap partner called KnittinDiva.

She’s from the US and seems really cool. I’m having fun thinking up things for her package.

So, do you journal?

(Picture found on web.)



  1. I do, indeed, journal, usually (but not always) (don’t tell anyone) with a fountain pen. I find cafes the best places to journal, write letters, write notes for a novel – the anonymity and the lack of responsibility to anyone but the cashier who takes my money and gives me a scone and tea – it’s heaven!

    (great picture!)

    teabird / Ravelry

    • Thanks for commenting Melanie! I do enjoy sitting in cafes and journalling too…and now I want a tea and scone!

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