October Autumnal Musings….

October 6, 2009

As happened last year I am currently musing on all things Autumnal.

As I mentioned last time around, I am somewhat biased towards this time of year. Its the season I was born into and therefore my first experiences of the world were tinged with autumnal tones, and the need to be warm and comfortable. The newspapers reported that due to a dry year we are having an earlier autumn, but I can’t say I noticed it coming any quicker but I welcome it either way.

Its the season when the light is beautiful; tinting things golden and making them shine, where the cold in the air is just enough to make you rush back inside for a scarf and gloves, even though the sun is streaming down. Squashes, pumpkins and the autumns crops of  winter vegetables are starting to appear at the greengrocers and the leaves on the trees are starting to change. The few trees that go red are starting to do so, and the local shops have started putting thier halloween displays out.

Some people see Autumn as a melancholy time, as people become more introspective and withdrawn than during the sociable summer months, but I find that time of self reflection and preparing for winter an important part of the year. Its a time for celebrations; My birthday and those of my parents are all in Autumn; in fact they are in concecutive months!

Harvest Festival was one of the few school activities I really got involved with at primary school – I missed a lot of school – but we would do the only majorly charitable act of the year that we were expected to take part in. It was the only cross cultural event everyone at my school could take part in. I went to a very mutlitcultural school. Everyone in the school would bring in a piece of fruit or a vegetable and a tin of food. These were then put into tissue paper decorated shoeboxes, wrapped in coloured cellophane, tied up with ribbons and then they were distributed at several of the local Elderly Care Homes. It saddens me that I don’t have that small contact with my community any more…but alas I am not the church going type and even then,  in this politically correct world, I’m not sure anyone does anything like that anymore.


Tea is high in my thoughts, as is hot chocolate and I dream of having a woodburning stove to settle down in front of in the evening as the nights start to draw in. My major project this autumn/winter is my hexagon blanket and I plan to be snuggling under it by spring. My inner seasonal clock is already aware that cold weather is on its way and it has me thinking of porridge and mulled apple juice, of homemade gingerbread and of warm stews with thick chunks of homemade bread with butter on it, of scented candles smelling of cinnamon, of pumpkin lanterns, and of chai tea and gingerbread flavoured coffee.

The thoughts of curling up with  cushions and blankets is also present in my mind as is the fact I need a new hotwater bottle, and probably some more flannel pyjamas this winter.

Wouldn’t Autumn be a pretty name for someone?

I’ll leave you with Evaleen Stein’s lovely autumnal poem; November Morning.

A tingling, misty marvel
Blew hither in the night,
And now the little peach-trees
Are clasped in frozen light.

Upon the apple-branches
An icy film is caught,
With trailing threads of gossamer
In pearly patterns wrought.

The autumn sun, in wonder,
Is gayly peering through
This silver-tissued network
Across the frosty blue.

The weather-vane is fire-tipped,
The honeysuckle shows
A dazzling icy splendor,
And crystal is the rose.

Around the eaves are fringes
Of icicles that seem
To mock the summer rainbows
With many-colored gleam.

Along the walk, the pebbles
Are each a precious stone;
The grass is tasseled hoarfrost,
The clover jewel-sown.

Such sparkle, sparkle, sparkle
Fills all the frosty air,
Oh, can it be that darkness
Is ever anywhere!



  1. I’ve been having autumn musings too! Partly about how I tend to underrate the season. I’ll have to try and write them down, I guess.

    • You should 🙂 I’d love to read them!

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