Monday Musings….

October 5, 2009

I saw this over at Diary of A Stay at Home Mum and thought it was a neat little idea, and so I thought I would do my own version. It will help me post more regularly for one! She Calls it Happy Homemaker Monday but I like my title for it too 🙂  I’m not really a homemaker, you see…

The weather in my neck of the woods:

Sunny but decidedly chilly. It was minus one last night which meant snuggling under the duvet and not wanting to get out of the bed this morning.

One of my simple pleasures:

Wrapping my hands around a hot cup of tea and closing my eyes as I sip it.

On my bedside table:

Too much stuff. I need to organise it…it should only have my meds and some books on it but at the moment theres stray jewellery, pens, a pile of comic books and some throat sweets, a pack of tissues and a sparkly headband, my meds and more books than I could read in an entire week of bedrest!

On my TV: Flash forward, Jamie’s American Road Trip, F1 Motor Racing, and the umpteen Star Trek repeats on Virgin1.

On the menu for tonight: No idea. I haven’t been shopping so something produced from what we have in the house probably.

On my To Do List:

Knit the Cuff of the Second sock – I am experiencing second sock syndrome…
Knit at least two hexagons
See the doctor and find out why I’m not better yet.
Try out my new Slow Cooker

New Recipe I tried last week:

None. But I have a slow cooker now, so that will change!

In the craft basket:

Hexagons, and my rag doll.I need to finish the french knots for her hair….

Theres also a pair of corduroy trousers waiting to be cut up to salvage the fabric, possibly to make a bag out of.

Looking forward to:

Feeling better.I’ve been sick for a fortnight now….

Homemaking Tip for this week:

Don’t let it get out of control so you can’t cope anymore….due to current illness I know this oh so well…

Favorite photo from last week:

It’s actually from the week before last but it’s still my favourite. Its my hexagons, all lined up in a row in their basket.

Lesson learned the past few days:

That when my body is telling me I’m ill I should listen to it….



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