September 29, 2009

Well, Socktoberfest is on its way:

socktoberfest button

And although I am desperate to make

Toe Socks


and Ribbon Stockings

ribbonstockings what I need to do is finish the 3 sock projects already on the needles:

Pennant Socks: M’s Birthday present


Being a birthday present these odviously have a deadline attached…which gives me just over 2 and half weeks to finish them.

Only downside…hes a man with large feet, and I’d forgotton how large. I am making comfy socks (slightly on the large size and the first of the pair is already taking most of a ball of yarn…which means I need another one….

I have got in touch with the lovely Alison at P2tog and she has some on the way so unfortunatly half his birthday present cash is going on a second ball of yarn for his socks…

The pattern is from More Sensational Knitted Socks and is called Pennant Stitch.

Its not too difficult if you follow it line by line and don’t use a multicoloured yarn like I did which means the lovely texture of the pattern is lost in the colours.

I have to admit, that I’m doing a plain foot on these socks as that section will be covered by his shoes, and the pattern takes me so long that otherwise he won’t get them till xmas.

Sideways Silky Short Socks: For Me


Using Tallulahbelles variation on this DROPS pattern which is not only a lot easier to understand but just seems to make more sense I cast on my second pair of these sideways knit garter stitch socks well over a month ago.

I’m making these on 3mm needles and have shortened them and as soon as the birthday socks are finished these are the next priority.

Industrial Rose Socklets: For Me


The first of these is finished. They are made from the left overs of my Industrial Rose Set in Araucania Ranco Multy 4 ply which I have called Industrial Rose as its shades of rose and tarnished, and smoke and soot, and so on.

Having designed on the needle and having taking lots of notes its gonna take me a while to work out what exactly it is I did on the first sock and these are going to take a while.

Hope to get these done to wear for Xmas.

Well, that appears to be a plan doesn’t it?!

Now, I just have to not get distracted by my other knitting projects!


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