Patching Things Up

May 22, 2009

While visiting my parents I was given a 1970’s Pan Craft book on Creative Patchwork that had belonged to my late grandmother.

While reading it I find myself captivated by the hexagonal patchwork pattern and after several awfully drawn hexagons I resorted to the compass and ruler method of drawing them; the maths teachers in my family are very pleased by this.

All patchwork I have done previously has been either of the square or of the crazy variety.

In the book is the most beautiful Victorian hexagon patchwork dressing gown.

Hexagons,as well as being a precise mathimatical shape, are one of those shapes that are also present in nature.

The hexagon is one of the microscopically tiny units that helps give structure to DNA; it is found in the structure of crystalline minerals like quartz; it is the shape taken by water when it freezes into snowflakes. The Basalt Columns of the Giant’s Causeway are hexagonal.

It displays true symmetry; all six sides of the hexagon are of equal length, and when the hexagon is divided down the middle the two sides mirror each other.

I’ve cut a stack of fabric samples into small squares and started making a few hexagon patches.

Will share photos soon 🙂


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