Bobbin’ Along

May 20, 2009

Well, I’ve been back in York for a week and on Sunday I collected the new bobbins for my spinning wheel between running errands and winning 3 games of badminton; a feat I’ve never managed before.

Unfortunatly due to coming down with non specific lurgy on monday morning, I’ve not been able to do any spinning yet but these bobbins are beautiful.

G, my partners dad, made them for me. They are custom fitted for my unique wheel and although there are only three pictured I have 4; two the same as the one it came with, and two with larger drive ratios, one of which isn’t pictured as it went straight onto my wheel. They run soooo smoothly, its amazing.

He says he takes commissions!

The fibre in the background is fibretrends merino 64 tops in old rose, berry, lilac and fushia which i’m drafting for spinning between coughing and sneezing fits! I really look forward to spinning it. Its part of my merino stash I got for feltmaking back in the day.

I am filling myself with cold and flu remedies and hoping I feel up to spinning soon 🙂


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