Nostalgic Days

May 11, 2009

Last Sunday I went to the 31st May Day Music Festival in a lovely little park in my home town, called Alexandra Park.

I spent many of my summer afternoons in this park in my college days, as it more or less back’s onto the art buildings.

This festival has been part of my life for many years and has developed in its own way during that time.

It has always been a socialist workers organised free music festival, with speakers from the TUC, the ANL and other active groups but these days the people who go seem to have lost sight of what the festival is all about and were rude enough to boo the TUC speaker off the stage.

A newer addition to the festival is the Eco/Global village area where there was a vegan cafe, and some interesting info about allotments and community gardens and there was a found objects art tent, and so, I had a go.

You started off with a piece of coathanger coiled at the bottom to make a base and then you threaded bits of found objects onto it to make your sculpture. As you can see, mine has; stones, buttons, bits of plastic, ribbon, net, wool and artistic use of a pemanent marker.

I didn’t take it away with me. I left it as part of the little display they were creating….but i did keep a piece of the wool as a wristband.


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