Karmic Harmony

May 1, 2009

Well, my karma seems to be appriciating all the good things I’ve done lately; helping people out with things, getting back to work and generally trying to do unto others as I’d wish to be done unto.

My shawl design is coming along nicely and my lovely family were kind enough to get me some Knitpro Harmony needles in order to help with the process.

I LOVE these needles, they are slick but have enough friction to be just sticky enough to stop yarns sliding off and the colours on the needles are just beautiful; really uplifting to work with. Of course the fact that the cables are purple also help.

Kudos to P2tog who dispatched them straight away and are sending me a replacement set of 3mm tips as one of mine was faulty.

Futher Karmic payback include my fella’s dad using his fabulous wood turning skills to make me 4 bobbins for my spinning wheel; 2 standard and 2 with larger drive band wheel on the end of them.

In an effort to further boost my karma, I’m currently halfway through a trip visiting my family and a few old friends in my home town for a fortnight. On the train journey down I finished a hat, met an interesting man who is writing a very interesting sounding book on grafitti art, and defended the honour of my generation to the nicely opinionated man at the next table.

I do have to admit that while knitting I was asked what I was making and I couldn’t resist the urge to say “a postmodernist ironic statement hat”….*facepalm*

Unfortunatly all this socialising and “touching base” is seriously cramping my knitting time!

I shall post again soon!



  1. I’m suddenly sorry I’ve never taken a train ride with you, because I bet it would be made of awesome.

  2. What a lovely beret! I love those colours. I’m looking forward to seeing the shawl pattern –

    • Thankyou!

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