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Patching Things Up

May 22, 2009

While visiting my parents I was given a 1970’s Pan Craft book on Creative Patchwork that had belonged to my late grandmother.

While reading it I find myself captivated by the hexagonal patchwork pattern and after several awfully drawn hexagons I resorted to the compass and ruler method of drawing them; the maths teachers in my family are very pleased by this.

All patchwork I have done previously has been either of the square or of the crazy variety.

In the book is the most beautiful Victorian hexagon patchwork dressing gown.

Hexagons,as well as being a precise mathimatical shape, are one of those shapes that are also present in nature.

The hexagon is one of the microscopically tiny units that helps give structure to DNA; it is found in the structure of crystalline minerals like quartz; it is the shape taken by water when it freezes into snowflakes. The Basalt Columns of the Giant’s Causeway are hexagonal.

It displays true symmetry; all six sides of the hexagon are of equal length, and when the hexagon is divided down the middle the two sides mirror each other.

I’ve cut a stack of fabric samples into small squares and started making a few hexagon patches.

Will share photos soon 🙂


Bobbin’ Along

May 20, 2009

Well, I’ve been back in York for a week and on Sunday I collected the new bobbins for my spinning wheel between running errands and winning 3 games of badminton; a feat I’ve never managed before.

Unfortunatly due to coming down with non specific lurgy on monday morning, I’ve not been able to do any spinning yet but these bobbins are beautiful.

G, my partners dad, made them for me. They are custom fitted for my unique wheel and although there are only three pictured I have 4; two the same as the one it came with, and two with larger drive ratios, one of which isn’t pictured as it went straight onto my wheel. They run soooo smoothly, its amazing.

He says he takes commissions!

The fibre in the background is fibretrends merino 64 tops in old rose, berry, lilac and fushia which i’m drafting for spinning between coughing and sneezing fits! I really look forward to spinning it. Its part of my merino stash I got for feltmaking back in the day.

I am filling myself with cold and flu remedies and hoping I feel up to spinning soon 🙂


Nostalgic Days

May 11, 2009

Last Sunday I went to the 31st May Day Music Festival in a lovely little park in my home town, called Alexandra Park.

I spent many of my summer afternoons in this park in my college days, as it more or less back’s onto the art buildings.

This festival has been part of my life for many years and has developed in its own way during that time.

It has always been a socialist workers organised free music festival, with speakers from the TUC, the ANL and other active groups but these days the people who go seem to have lost sight of what the festival is all about and were rude enough to boo the TUC speaker off the stage.

A newer addition to the festival is the Eco/Global village area where there was a vegan cafe, and some interesting info about allotments and community gardens and there was a found objects art tent, and so, I had a go.

You started off with a piece of coathanger coiled at the bottom to make a base and then you threaded bits of found objects onto it to make your sculpture. As you can see, mine has; stones, buttons, bits of plastic, ribbon, net, wool and artistic use of a pemanent marker.

I didn’t take it away with me. I left it as part of the little display they were creating….but i did keep a piece of the wool as a wristband.


Smooshy Socks

May 6, 2009

I’m still off gallavanting in the wilds of Suffolk but I thought I would share with you this photo of the sock I’m working on.

I’m using the fancy ribbing from the Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook which involves lifting the central stitch of the knit section of the 3×2 rib on alternate rows to give a enlongated stitch in the middle of each knit panel. It makes the ribbing very plush and smooshy.

I also used the tulip edging from the workbook which makes the top edge of the cuff curl outwards, and am officially in love with the hourglass heel. On this example I’ve tried it in garter stitch; and, although it makes it shallower than a stockinette one, it looks a lot better with the ribbing.

I’m most of the way through the foot and then will attempt a garter stitch round toe. Wish me luck!

I am finding this designing as I go rather exhilerating!


Karmic Harmony

May 1, 2009

Well, my karma seems to be appriciating all the good things I’ve done lately; helping people out with things, getting back to work and generally trying to do unto others as I’d wish to be done unto.

My shawl design is coming along nicely and my lovely family were kind enough to get me some Knitpro Harmony needles in order to help with the process.

I LOVE these needles, they are slick but have enough friction to be just sticky enough to stop yarns sliding off and the colours on the needles are just beautiful; really uplifting to work with. Of course the fact that the cables are purple also help.

Kudos to P2tog who dispatched them straight away and are sending me a replacement set of 3mm tips as one of mine was faulty.

Futher Karmic payback include my fella’s dad using his fabulous wood turning skills to make me 4 bobbins for my spinning wheel; 2 standard and 2 with larger drive band wheel on the end of them.

In an effort to further boost my karma, I’m currently halfway through a trip visiting my family and a few old friends in my home town for a fortnight. On the train journey down I finished a hat, met an interesting man who is writing a very interesting sounding book on grafitti art, and defended the honour of my generation to the nicely opinionated man at the next table.

I do have to admit that while knitting I was asked what I was making and I couldn’t resist the urge to say “a postmodernist ironic statement hat”….*facepalm*

Unfortunatly all this socialising and “touching base” is seriously cramping my knitting time!

I shall post again soon!