Building Blocks

April 5, 2009

I won an amazon voucher a week or so ago – a raffle ticket I had forgotten I had bought proved lucky!

I bought the Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook by Lynne Vogel with it and it arrived yesterday morning.

Its a fabulous book with lots of pictures and illustrations , showing sock yarn from the dying of roving through spinning it and then designing your own sock to suit you own feet.

The last of these really appealed to me as I have narrow ankles but large calves, and small feet with long toes, hence most patterns have to be altered to fit comfortably. At the moment i end up making ankle socks to avoid fitting them to my calves but as the year progresses I know I’ll need longer socks,

As one of my families favourite sayings goes “Invest in your bed and shoes, if you aren’t in one, you’re probably in the other”. I think this holds true for socks too. Investing time in your socks is kindness to your feet. (Another is “Use Both Hands” from my habit of doing 2 things at once – usually eating and reading at the same time….At least when i knit, I am using both hands!)

Although its not what they call them I love the ‘building blocks’ approach to knitting socks, picking and choosing cast ons, ribbings/cuffs, heels and toes and cementing them together with the leg and foot.

I look forward to trying out some of the methods involved, including a fancy rib cuff and an hourglass heel. I’m going to try toe up after that i think. There is even instructions for toe socks that I’ve always loved but struggled to find comfortable as the toes were rarely the correct length.

This book is designed to be inspiring and it is…..now, I wonder if I have room in the kitchen for a dye pot…..


One comment

  1. My mother never used to sit down to table without a book. A fine old tradition. 🙂

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