Spinning you a line

March 28, 2009

Excuse me as I spin you a line as to why I haven’t posted of late.*

A few weeks ago my spinning wheel, a gift from my great aunt, arrived via my parents and I attended a wonderful spinning workshop with my wheel, with the lovely Carol L.

Its a castle style single drive, single treadle wheel handmade by a friend of my great aunts.

I’ve been practicing and although its still a little uneven I am starting to spin something approaching useable – I’m having to predraft a lot and am struggling to spin slow and steady, and I might even start using some of the coloured merino fleece in my stash, instead of just white!

I’ve already got my heart set on another wheel – a Kronski Symphonie, which is a double treadle wheel, with varying drives. H has one and its lovely.

My knitting has been slow, and involved some ankle socks – pics soon, and I’ve been working on a secret knitting pattern I’ve designed but I can’t share that for the time being, but I will start blogging regularly again soon.

* I’m sorry, I can’t resist bad jokes and puns!


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