The frustrations of patterns

March 12, 2009

There is an annoying pattern emerging that whenever I try and make something thats purely decorative I can never get past my feelings that that something should have a purpose, be useful. And its driving me nuts!

There is part of me that desires lace and frills and another that wants straight lines and formality and always this need for it to have a function.

I’ve been off work ill this last week or so with bad abdominal pain , so I have been slowly pottering along through a haze of painkillers and musing on this obsessive need for functionality. Its also not been helped by my reading old posts I made on my old blog; veridianeyes. Most are talking about the biased attitudes between arts and crafts and although there are some inroads into doing something about this divide and even though I feel that something designed to have a function can still be a work of art it still seems that even in my own head I’ve been unable to marry the two aspects of this and make something for pure artistic beauty.

This need at the moment seems to be expressing itself as a irrational need to make socks. My ravelry queue is currently crammed with them; textural ones, lacey ones, plain ones, ribbed ones, beaded ones, and even ones with colourwork – something I’d avoided so far. I also have a complementary need for sock yarn. The sooner my spinning skills improve and I can make my own the better!

The charm mitts I started haven’t had the fringe added because the are so damn comfy and I’m going to embroider on them and perhaps add some buttons as well instead. I’ve even spent an evening unpicking the cast off edge of the first triangular shawl I made so I can add the remaining balls of the yarn to it so its a big wrap around shawl rather than a small shoulder one as it will get more use – complicated slightly by my now having to twist my stitches on purpose so as to match the work done origionally on the shawl.

The new Knitty has come out and there is a very beautiful shawl called the Shipwreck shawl on there, and it has the most beautiful beaded eyelet lace border which I haven’t been able to stop thinking about, but again, I find myself unable to justify wanting to make it.

Is part of this desire for functionality because I have to craft on a budget? Because part of my reasoning for making things is that they have a use?

I really wish I could work out how to reconcile these feelings in my head but till then I shall just continue to make socks and crave sock yarn.


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