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Long overdue update.

February 25, 2009

Well, I do feel a little like I’ve been away on holiday and I’m starting back at school with one of those “what I did on my holidays” essays.

I’ve been working on the embossed leaf lace socks, and have turned the heel. The sock pattern has a lacy upper and a stst lower which really emphasises the lace pattern on the upper. The channels of purls between the lace panels and running the length of the side of the foot serve a similar purpose. They are looking really pretty.

I’ve also started work on a pair of “Charm Mitts” in my beloved Sirdar Country Style DK in Bilberry; the most beautiful purple in the world. I am using Sarah Bradberry’s pattern for these (). The body of the mitts is knit sideways in garter stitch which acts as a rather nice kind of rib when on the hand. The mitts are called “charm mitts” because a fringe is added onto the bottom and then, on the pattern, 204 buttons are threaded onto the fringe. I’m thinking of using beads and/or buttons; many letter ones spelling out words. This is why I am considering this more of an art project than a knitting one. The grey mitts below are the origionals by Ms Bradberry, to give you an idea of what they look like when complete. The fringe and ribbing come next but I am going to make the base part of the second mitt first.

I’ve been organising my ravelry projects page and queue with its tags function which means I can focus on one group if I so wish. Am sock mad at the moment as they fit into the time I have well. More on that soon.

Apologies for low resolution pics. Till I can get new rechargeable batteries for my camera only have my phone camera.


Turning over a new leaf

February 16, 2009

Boom tish….

I’ve started making the Mona Schmidt Embossed Leaves socks in some deep green trekking xxl, and its such a popular pattern; theres over 2000 projects for them on Ravelry. I did have to write the chart out and am working it needle by needle but its going well *touches wood*

Picture is taken on my new piece of gadgetry – my t mobile G1; still working out its foibles.


Busy little bee

February 11, 2009

I got a job a couple of weeks ago so hence why i’ve been so quiet….

The only knitting I got finished recently is these ruffle edged mitts and matching slouchy hat for my sisters birthday. I just need to source some thin elastic for the hat brim and I can get them into the post.