Coming up for Air

January 1, 2009

……Also known as Germs and Christmas ate my Knitting.

Happy New Year everyone!

Between getting ill myself, the usual run up to Xmas, the fella getting ill, and then me getting ill again on Xmas day of all days,and the fact I am still getting over it means that my festive/new year season has been someone characterised by my being grumpy and nesting on the sofa with a duvet….

I got one of my fella’s Xmas socks done….at this rate I’ll have the second one done by valentines day!


The purple is my favourite duvet cover on the huge feather duvet I’ve been camping under between making cups of tea and going on various trips out of the house including one to the Texere open day a couple of days ago at where I got yarn for my Neaty:


and my Victoriana Bed jacket:

dscf3276All thanks to my Mum and Dad 🙂 . The mill was amazing, a really riotous display of colour and texture, and the staff were so friendly and helpful. It was packed with people – Spent half my time saying excuse me to get to look at things or just get past. Its definitely a place to have a budget at – I had a list I’d made from the website and stuck to it!

Over the festive and new years season I unfortunatly developed a case of startitis – casting on right, left and centre.

I’ve cast on for a pair of really tall socks, a bobbleless tea cozy, and some lace edging – the only one of which I have a decent photo is the lace edging :


Its called Basic Lace Trim and I found the pattern on the Lion Brand Yarn website. The Lang needles I’m using are soooo slippery though, but they are the only 1.5mm needles I’ve seen.

And of course I want to start swatching for neaty and the bedjacket but I have socks to finish for my fella and birthday socks for my sister to start….

Damn this creative urge!

I also got two books for xmas that are also making me want to be more creative :dscf3200

dscf32121and a cloth doll to work on and…and..and…


Its strange but why is it always that when you have the least time is when you most want to be creative?


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