Unrequited Yarn Love

December 11, 2008

*sniffles into a hanky, listening to sad music*

A while back, while sourcing yarn for a project I was planning I bought a single ball of Sirdar Country Style DK in Bilberry.


Now as you may have guessed from my blog title I am somewhat of a purple fiend and this yarn was LOVE at first sight. It’s the purple, the one for me, the one that grabs your stomach and makes it flutter, that shines when you look at it, the one you want to surround yourself in forever and ITS DISCONTINUED, NEVER TO BE MADE AGAIN, CAN’T FIND IT ANYWHERE DISCONTINUED!

*wails inconsolably*

Why, oh why, has this happened to me? Why find the perfect colour to discover this is all you will ever get of it? Did I do something awful in a past life?

I’ve stalked the internet to no avail and am yet to find anywhere that has a single ball of it and yet the love of the yarn is still there and thanks to the callous and cruel actions of the mill in stopping making it, my love is to be enternally unrequited.

*sobs quietly*

I’ll get over it eventually, right?


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