The Comfort of a Clapotis

December 11, 2008

Yesterday morning, in a desperate dash to darn in the ends I finished my Clapotis.


(Lesley is kindly modelling it, so I can take a photo)

I’d cast it on back in October, after purchasing 17 50g balls of some very discontinued Sirdar Country  Style Fair Isle Effect DK yarn on Ebay for next to nothing. I had bought it for fingerless mitts and hats but the colours together just made a really interesting mix.

I started out with:


6 balls of a Pink Yellow and Mauve  mix (PY)


8 balls of Blue, Yellow and Purple mix (PB)


2 balls of Blue, Green and Turquoise mix (BG)


and 1 part ball of Purple Pink and Turquoise mix (PP)

and after a day or so slowly driving my fella mad with the laying out of the balls in the hallway, on the floor and on the bed (different lights) to see which order looked best I decided and cast on.

After the set up and when I got into the first couple of repeats I revised my order to allow myself some left over yarn.

In the end I used 4 balls of each of the PY and PB, 1.5ish of the BG and all of the PP so that leaves me with 4 balls of the PB, 2 of the PY and halfish of a ball of the BG, so striped mitts and a hat on the way I think…although probably after xmas…unless I get the xmas socks done soon!

I really enjoyed this project; when I first looked at the pattern back when I started knitting I found it incomprehenisble but now I’ve learnt more terminology I found it simple and easy to remember, which made it good in front of the tv knitting and its also the longest (in length, and time) project I’ve undertaken.

I wore it to my first phycological therapy appointment on Wednesday as a scarf and then wrapped it around me like a shawl when it started getting more involved and although I’d made it myself it was like being wrapped in a hug and was incredibly comforting. I held it around me and pulled it close and buried my fingertips in it and let it keep me safe.

I can see why so many people have made it!


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