Tidying the mind….

December 4, 2008

As I’ve mentioned in at least one previous post I have an anxiety disorder and I have been waiting for several months for a referral to a clinical psychologist. My appointment for an assessment has finally come through and its next Wednesday. To say I am a little nervous would be a glaring understatement. I think terrified is getting closer, but I am trying to be postitive and see it as a positive step. There may be some comfort yarn shopping afterwards though….

As part of my slow but currently steady recovery I am looking forward rather than dwelling on what I haven’t finished yet.

In that eternal thing of if you need to be doing something you end up doing something else I’ve spent the afternoon sorting through my stashes; fabric, yarn, buttons, and books and sorting them out and taking the ones I really don’t need to the charity shops. I’m also being tough and sending a lot of stuff to the tip, but the clutter associated with crafting was really starting to get to me and I decided I needed to tackle it.

After running out of binbags I have enough stuff to throw out for at least 2 trips to the tip tomorrow and 3 boxes of things to go the charity shop. I also have a pile of books that need to be sorted out in respect of which charity shop it goes to…we have a couple of wonderful book only oxfam charity shops here in York.

There was quite a few “What on earth was I keeping that for?!” moments…small bits of lace I’ll never use – i’m talking less than 5cm here, ends of skeins of embroidery thread,

Of course, theres still lots to sort, but its started now…..and a large dent was made.

The idea is rather than just having a big pile of craft supplies – literally – that I can’t access properly, is my trying to organise it so I can access what I need to.

Of course, its currently at the stage where it looks like something exploded….but order will reign eventually…..honest.

All of this started because I was trying to find my wire cutters…..still haven’t found them!

I’ve got most of the supplies for my doll but I need to cut the wire for the armature.

Of course then I have to sew, and turn, and sculpt….and eep! I shall be brave though…I will manage this dammit.

This isn’t the first cloth doll I’ve tried to make, but I had issues with the last one.

The cuff, heel, and gusset of the first of my mums xmas socks are done and I shall do some more in a while and I will get my mum and sisters done before the final postal day…..hopefully.

All of this is for a reason though. I’ve decided in the coming year instead of fluttering from craft to craft I am going to focus on 3 areas: Yarn Crafts( Knitting, Spinning, Weaving etc), Cloth Doll making and my Victorian Sewing project; all of which will be appearing on here.

At the moment though…I have a Clapotis that still isn’t finished, socks to knit, and a sweater that only needs its last sleeve….I  better get knitting!

ETA: Typical, they were in the drawer where I keep my pliers when I remember to put them away! *headdesk*


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