December 3, 2008

Well, with December starting,  Xmas is fast approaching and so I have to begun the sockplosion, the explosion of socks I need to make and trying to get them started, finished and posted in time for xmas.

I have approx 3 pairs to make, my mum, my sister and my fella….fella may get his for our anniversary on the 2nd of Jan. He’s already said he doesn’t mind them being late.

I would make socks for my dad but his work boots would destroy them in next to no time – steel toe cap boots and my hand knit socks? I don’t think so! He will get some nice thick warm shop bought socks for xmas!

I’ve turned the heel on the first of the pair for my mum…I’m thinking if I can get a pair done a week I should be ok.


They are made of Yarn D’Amour Freya in Gingernut colourway and its gorgeous to knit with. Its 100 percent blue faced Leicester wool and buttery soft to knit with.

Of course I should have considered the fact that trying to get several handmade presents made in December might be considered slightly mad by some people and I should have possibly started back in September? Well hindsight is very annoying at times, but alas this means I have to knit like a mad thing for a while.

This of course means my projects for me are on temporary hold until the xmas stuff is finished, even though the lace edging is calling to me and the noro sweater only has one sleeve left to do….and I really wanted to wear it to my next Knitting Group meeting….oh no, moral dilema as to what to do!

The weather has taken a wintery turn and we had snow and sleet yesterday and a hard frost this morning so at least I don’t feel bad about staying warm inside and knitting!


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