November 27, 2008

Well, as you can see, theres been a bit of a redesign.

There was a discussion at my knitting group on tuesday about how people found blogs with dark backgrounds and white text hard to read, so I have taken this on board and had a little bit of a redesign, as while my blog was eyecatching it wasn’t particularly easy to read.

Many many thanks to Tinks who kindly did her computer wizardry and made my custom header image otherwise no one would know who I was!

I’ve also finally got round to putting my blogroll in the sidebar…theres some nice stuff there, go look!

Well, lets see, I’ve been busy working for my mum, packing stuff up and sending it out for her jewellery shop on ebay.

I’ve discovered the names of the stands I couldn’t remember at Harrogate.

I got the Noro at Knit’n’Caboodle and I kinda wish I’d got one of their tshirts and hoodies and I’m rather taken with the purple sock needles they do.

And I got the Lang needles at the Art Yarns Ltd stand – can’t find a website for them.

I’ll leave knitting updates for another post, possibly later today but for now, have a good day, and keep warm on this chilly november day!


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