Works In Progress…

November 27, 2008

I’ve been playing with the stuff I got at the Knitting and Stitching Show, and they are at a point where I can show you pictures.

I’ve been making a vintage lace edging design  Grandmother’s Lace Edging from Knit Wiki (Ravelry Link) with the Habu Cotton.

Its knitting up beautifully, it has such a nice hand to work with and the way the colours are layering gives it even more of a vintage feel. A while back you may remember me mentioning my victorian clothing project. Now, I haven’t mentioned it in a while as I’ve been having sewing machine issues (as in mine is awful and i’m trying to find a decent one. Seriously, it has issues sewing a straight seam and its not me!) but I am planning on using this lace to edge some fine cotton lawn bloomers and chemise for that project. They always take more lace than you think they will, although I will get more that enough from the cotton but I am going to knit till I run out of cotton as i know I will find uses for the lace.


Yesterday, Lesley came over and we had tea, cake, we watched this:


and using the 12mm needles she has lent me, I knit this:

dscf3149-1The first half of the body of my first sweater/jumper/pullover! The silk mountain is knitting up beautifully, the colours stripe nicely and theres a strand of blue running through all the other colours which ties the colours together well. Starting a new ball is easy as long as I can find a ball that starts in the same colour(ish) as the last one ended. I’ve already cast on the second body piece (they are both the same so I get to decide which one I want to use.)  and its about a third done. Due to the size of the needles its a lovely loose “sloppy” sweater like the crocheted ones I wore as a teenager but I’ve no idea how on earth I’ll block it!

According to my fella, sitting crosslegged on the floor, knitting with huge needles, I looked like the doll I got the pattern for:


Am rather tempted by her jumper but her stripy socks are brighter than mine though 😉

Am desperate to get started on her but as I don’t have the right fabrics – I have standard cotton but I need windsor ponte for the body and craft velour for the head and hands and  I am hoping to be able to make her very soon…I think she might need wings…I wonder….needlelace perhaps?

I have a book on needlelace my great aunt gave me. She’s an amazing textile artist and probably one of my greatest inspirations. Her name is Hazel Lake and she’s so cool. She’s a published author on local history and one of her books is even listed on amazon : a book on the Arkwrights and thier involvement in her home town of Harlow.

I’ll see if I can get some pictures of her work to show you.

I’m planning to make my silk steel into chokers and bracelets once I can work out the best way of working fastenings and seeing if beads can be added. Part of me wishes I’d got enough to make Sea Tangles.

Ooh do you remember that first pair of socks I made? Well, my fella has requested a pair of socks for xmas and I got him to try those on so I could see where I need to adjust the pattern for his feet they fit perfectly so he is now the proud owner of my first ever pair of socks and he’s still getting a pair for xmas!


He’s out tonight seeing some friends so I am going to be spending the evening in my snazzy flannel pj’s:


(I’m not a person for shaped buttons but these are cute!) on the sofa with the duvet, knitting and drinking hot chocolate while watching firefly.



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