Autumn Days

October 16, 2008

Its a glorious day today! Now, I might be slightly biased towards Autumn as a season as its the one I was born into and therefore is associated with learning, birthdays and warm colours to me.

The light today is beautiful; tinting things golden and making them shine. I had a baked potato for my lunch which is always warming and comforting, with a good strong cup of Yorkshire tea. The Greengrocers across the road has pumpkins outside and its making them glow, and the Butchers is advertising that they have partridge and pheasants in stock and will be taking xmas orders in November. The wind is up and is tousling the leaves on the trees and whistling around the eaves of the houses and for the first time in several days I feel really alive.

The last few days involved a lot of soul searching and heavy thinking as well as being curled up on the sofa with a heat pad feeling sorry for myself and listening to Cast On while my man watched football and working on my Socktoberfest socks.

I’ve decided I need to organise my knitting; well, I need to organise my life, but I thought I’d start with my knitting!

I borrowed a ball winder off a lovely woman at my knitting group a couple of weeks ago and and have been busy winding and cataloguing my yarn stash.I love the way it makes the lines on yarn on the ball fall into that lovely interwoven pattern and I’ve wound three balls of yarn I’ll never actually use just so I can put them in a lovely wooden bowl, when I find one 🙂

I’ve learnt I have no green yarn at all…this is only slightly worrying and I have no where near enough purple yarn for someone who adores the colour purple. I have however decided that I need to only buy yarn because I need it for a particular project from now on. Now as is usual with these things I am giving myself a sock yarn allowance of a ball a month.

I’ve been working out a knitting journal because i’ve decided I need to actually start to keeping a proper record of my projects so have been completly geeky and worked out what info I want records off and things. I just need to find myself a folder now..am thinking A5 so it fits into my bag.

Project updates – Lets see….

Socktoberfest: I started the Picot Eyelet socks I mentioned a couple of posts ago.

I cast on with the Yarn D’Amour Freya – Hedgerow and knitted most of the first sock before I realised I had a serious ladder issue, and so had to frog my first and second attempt.

I snapped the beautiful, soft and gorgeous to work with yarn serveral times during frogging purely though my own fault and thefore decided to use it for a different project and try these socks in a different yarn. I pulled out this autumn coloured skein of Trekking XXL and cast on with it.

So far, the first one is complete, as you can see, and the yarn stripes up beautifully. THe picot edging and eyelets are done on the second sock. I’ve also finally worked out how to make them fit properly on both foot and ankle. I work the ankle on 3mm and the heel and foot on 2.5mm. I have skinny feet and not so skinny ankles. I need more sock needles! My clover bamboos are bending!

I’ve decided its time to get over my fear and actually start knitting an actual garment and I’ve fallen in love with two patterns!

The first is Neaty from Rowan 42, and I love love love it. Unfortunatly though, the rowan wool(Cocoon – bulky) for it is rather out of my price range so I’m currently researching possible substitutes and it may be a while till I can afford enough yarn for it but I am determined to make it. Am thinking Plum and Pewter sort of colours.

The second, and the the one I’m likely to cast on soon is the Pimlico Shrug from Knit 2 Together. I really love the shape and the style and I have enough Heather Blue DK to make it as well, so no expense required!

I find it oddly telling that I am obsessing over socks and jumpers and fingerless mitts at the moment, as I get the feeling my inner seasonal clock is telling me the cold weather is coming this way.

I’m off to study the Pimlico pattern and do a spot of housework before I settle down to work on a sock or cast on the Pimlico.



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