For my sensory pleasure.

October 7, 2008

Now, this post isn’t as rude as it sounds….

A few weeks ago, before I went to Cornwall, my friend Lesley and I were talking about Podcasts. I’ve listened to a few before and enjoyed Lime and Violet lots but I hadn’t ventured into the world of Cast On until Lesley pointed me in the direction of it.  I fired up my podcast collector and popped the address in and downloaded them.

I transferred the first 10 episodes to my Mp3 player and as I had a long distance train journey coming up and I saved Brenda for that.

My god, I had planned to knit on that train and it just didn’t happen. I sat for most of the journey with my head back against the headrest listening to her voice, and the really interesting music she manages to find.

Its taken me a couple of months but I am almost caught up now and I listen to her everywhere, I listen to her when knitting, when I can’t sleep, when I am doing housework and when I am out walking, at the library, and at the shops.

Me and Lesley listen to her when we meet up to knit, and are both serious Brenda Dayne fans.

The essays on this are so inspiring, so well written and one of my favourite parts of the show. Now, I am somewhat of a creative writer (although I hardly ever show it to anyone) and so I am starting as I mean to go on, and pushing past the fear and nerves and am trying to write something to submit to Cast On.

And you know what? Even if it doesn’t get accepted and used, the fact I wrote it and sent it in is more important than anything, and the fact I’ve now written about this intention on here means I can’t chicken out, so nag me about it!


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