The world of commerce.

October 6, 2008

Well, my posting has been a little erratic lately as I’ve been setting up my jewellery shop on ebay. Its getting there, its up and running, and hopefully I  shall start covering costs soon!

If you feel like popping over there and buying something it would be really great, but no pressure!

I’m not the only one venturing into the world of commerce at the moment.  My friends Tinks mum has just opened up her website selling gorgeous hand dyed yarn : Yarn D’Amour . I have some in the Hedgerow colourway and its gorgeous and amazing to knit with. My piggy bank (Tardis shaped if you must know!) is now my Yarn D’Amour fund…am halfway to another skein!

My friend Margeret has also set up her website selling her fabulous bags: she is Ledbury’s Bag Lady and I’m rather taken with a couple of her bags – the purple and grey one and the purple tweedy one. So pretty! And when and if I get round to setting up a website I really hope to use the person who did hers as its brilliant.

Bravo to anyone who has taken those tentative steps into the world of commerce lately.


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