Some FO’s and Birthday Presents

September 24, 2008

I turned 28 a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to show you some of the pretty things I got for my birthday.

I spent it in Cornwall and my parents got me the tickets to go for my birthday.

S, who I was staying with, gave me these  lovely books:

The Lady’s Realm was a womans magazine at the turn of the 20th Century, and this is a selection of reprints from 1904 and 1905. Its full of wonderful articles on suitable professions for women, theatre reviews, paris and london fashions and a wonderful satirical series on “The problems with men”. Its greatly amusing and some of its articles are very interesting. Theres one on the Russian Grand Dukes, another on enamel work, another on preraphealites,and I adore the rose design on the cover.

She also got me this book on Corsetry, It has photos of original patterns and scale drawings of them so you can scale them up and then fit them to yourself accordingly.

I love the idea of making dolls and S knows it so she gave me this book. As soon as I can make a sewing machine do what I need I will be sewing away making dolls. This old book has a wonderful selection of wooden and ceramic dolls to make as well.

M, my partner, did very well in the brownie points by getting me Jane Sowerby’s Victorian Lace Today as well as very posh chocolates and a caddy of Rose Petal Tea from Betty’s Tea Rooms. I’ve been in love with this book since I saw a friends copy.

I also have a couple of finished objects to show off.

I got six skeins of this old Sirdar yarn on ebay for next to nothing and although it is a dreaded novelty yarn I love the colour. Its pinky purple with a black wrapped thread which then seems to have been sewn to a black and white cord.

I heavily adapted and altered two hat patterns to make myself a snood – my hair gets on my nerves a lot of the time especially on days when its being fluffy and fly away and so I decided snoods and hairpins were coming back into use! Its basically a small tam sort of thing and sits on the back of my head.

I also made some fingerless gloves that match. I seem obsessed with them at the moment!

I have several projects on the go at the moment and I am feeling that I should do myself a list and keep to those for the time being, so no new projects until I finish those ones….I’ll think on that and post about it at a later date.



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