Under Cornish Skies

September 22, 2008

Oops, I forgot to post for quite a while. I kept thinking about it and getting distracted.

Well, I’m home from Cornwall having had a well deserved and much needed visit with my lovely friend S.

Although the weather has been decidedly British this last week its been great to spend time with a fellow textile enthusiast, looking at books and old magazines for inspiration, discussing our relative levels of aptitude at undertaking various textile arts and my attempting to practice them and just generally having fun with another creative person.

We’ve had a lovely tea party on Sunday, with a theme of bluestockings, with various lovely nibbles, and suitable outfits. We had a rose themed one several months back and it was great fun.

S’s mum, (also S) is an amazing cook and makes a cheesecake which is astounding and has redendered me speechless both times I have tried it.

I dressed as a slightly steampunky bluestocking, with a long skirt, a blouse the colour of tea stained muslin fastened at the neck with a brooch, and my favourite pinstripe waistcoat, and a bowler hat perched atop of my head. I think I have found my “steampunk” look. Very Girl Genuis/Spark, with just a touch of the bohemian. Modern enough to get away with most days…well, maybe without the bowler hat…Or at least, I shall get one that fits 😉 I’ll share a photo when I have one 🙂

I’ve been sewing, making this rather fabulous pair of bloomers. I will, of course, be making them in a more suitable colour for going with outfits but when S showed me the purple and white stripy cotton lawn I just had too! And of course, there is lace to be added. With having lace you can go with the traditional white or cream, or…well, I thought, seeing as I already have purple and white striped bloomers then suitable lace is odviously going to be bright pink cotton lace. They are possibly the loudest pair of bloomers in the world, but you know what? I don’t care! Its about time I wore something other than black!

We’ve been making a red and white polkadot corset to a pattern I had…we were just making it as a mock up to see what alterations I need to do to the commercial pattern but the fabric is lovely so we are attempting to make it into a finished one. All of this sewing is practice for making my Victoriana ensemble.

I got these two fabulous quilting cottons in Truro to use for corsets as well. One is my purplestocking corset, with beautiful journals, diaries, ink pots and pens, opera glasses and dance cards. The other is of steamer tickets, carpet bags and general steampunky travelling type things.

Its been a lovely trip away, and also involved my birthday. I have reached the grand old age of 28…I can’t believe its ten years since I was at art college!

I did learn on the trip down that lace knitting is not a good idea for on a train, or in a house where there is a beautiful kitty that likes to be fussed lots. Her name is Jellybean, and no one has told her she isn’t Queen of the World 🙂

I have learnt that when my anxiety is bad small projects are better than shawls.

I have learnt that crocheted lace that is being produced before your eyes using the smallest hook you’ve ever seen is astounded, especially when I have issues crocheting a chain.

I have learnt that my problems sewing are more to do with my sewing machine than myself and that I need an old machine with a good stitch selection and metal gears. S has been a kind and patient teacher while I was visiting and I feel a lot more confident now and have even been working out how to make something sans a pattern!

I’ve been practicing my knitting in the round attempting some long fingerless gloves using some lovely Mulberry coloured yarn I found while me and Sue were scouring the charity shops. I knitted and knitted while listening to podcasts on my train journey home and the gloves are finished 🙂

Cornwall is stunning and I miss it already!


One comment

  1. Omg, that CAT. It is made of FLUFF.

    I love the pink glove too.

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