The knitting madness!

August 18, 2008

No philosophical musing today, I’m afraid. My fella has been on holiday for the last week so no time for blogging, unfortunately.  I’ve tried to write this post, probably, around 5 or 6 times so now, its actually getting done!

Well, on my adventures with the madness known as my current knitting addiction this last week or so I’ve done things like…..

– realise that my beloved Twilleys Freedom Spirit isn’t really suitable for learning to knit lace on so, after my beloved splashing out on the Twilley’s pattern book for me its going to become a vest instead.

– Cast on the shawl again in some lovely pale grey Sirdar Country Style DK, which if it wasn’t being a shawl would have probably been a vest! Am also stalling on this project while I take a tip I found on one of the ravelry boards to write each line of the pattern on an index card and then fix them together and flip them as you go so you can keep track of your place better.

– Cast on and finished my first ever sock! Its a very basic pattern and a little large but its still a damn fine sock, if I say so myself. Not entirely in love with the sock pattern, but I’m still learning! Its using Trekking XXL for anyone who’s interested.

– Cast on and finished my first ever hat – well, technically its a Tam. I’m also working on a matching scarf. The yarn was bought the first time I tried to learn to knit, last year and am glad I can use it, and glad I had enough as I don’t seem to be able to find anywhere that stocks it now!

– I ordered some fabric samples of coutil and lawn from Whaleys of Bradford for my Victoriana Project and they have arrived. Just need to do sums of how much I’ll need and how much I can afford etc before placing an order.

– I’ve also started trying to work out what I need to pack for going away for just over a week for a much needed visit to a wonderful and lovely friend. Of course, I can’t take ALL of my current projects with me (I’m currently planning on socks and a doll project) and I can always acquire more yarn while I’m there…I’m reliably informed there is a LYS within driving distance of the friend I am staying with 😉 Its also which project to keep out of my suitcase for knitting on the train!

– We went up on the North York Moors on Friday – our one day of sunshine this week! The heather is in flower and my goodness, it was beautiful.

I love that mix of purple, brown and green it gives. Now, if only yarn came in those colours! *daydreams*

You know, I’ve noticed, that now I’m off my everything being in black track I’m falling in love with colour again, and am having a real thing for purple and grey, and most surprisingly deep pink!

This week, I have a Ravelry meet to go to, a friend to see, and baking and cooking to do (am making soup to freeze). Be back soon!


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