A touch of lace, to brighten the day

August 7, 2008

Lets see, I’ve had a busy few days!

I had a nice weekend, which involved a visit to the library on Friday, a visit to a local nature reserve full of dragonflies on Saturday (common blue damselflies,azure hawkers, and ruddy darters were the ones I could identify – I love dragonflies!), and a spinning workshop on Sunday run by the lovely Carol and Pete, who are wonderful teachers and just generally interesting people, who I hope to see again at some point soon.

It was lovely to try out my new spindle, which is made of Bubinga Wood by my fella’s dad, who is a very talents wood turner, and I’m slowly getting the hang of drafting, spinning and plying.

These are my first two attempts, actually done at the workshop, I’m still getting the hang of it as you can see.

This is my first attempt at home. I’ve only got as far as spinning it so far, but its more even than my first and second attempts so am pleased. The green was the colour I didn’t mind wasting out of my merino stash!

I spent a lovely afternoon yesterday with L, knitting, talking about all sorts, drinking tea, eating flapjack and watching the BBC Pride and Prejudice, with much snarky comments and cheering.

While there I started my forest canopy shawl. (Link to my Ravelry project page here )

I’m using this gorgeous Twilleys Freedom Spirit in Aura, a lovely mix of deep violet, lilac, and grey. I fell in love with a ball in my LYS (I was standing there stroking it for at least 10 mins) and found a bag of several skeins online. Its 100% Merino and has the most delightful soft sheen to it.

So far I’ve set up the pattern and done the first repeat of the lace pattern (its a little hard to see but they are slanted leaves) and am already a fan of using life lines – the bits of dark purple acrylic you can see trailing out of the sides)

It was my talented friend and knitting guru Tinks who suggested I try this shawl to start me on lace knitting and to give you an idea of what it looks like when completed here are some photos of her forest canopy shawl. Hers is in a lovely red and black cashmere.

Knitting lace is so pretty and rather fufilling, seeing the pattern emerge as you go. Its that thing when you are making something, that moment when it becomes something recogniseable.

Right, I have things to do before I can indulge in more knitting and spinning, so off I go!


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