Mad Englishwomen and Yarn

July 28, 2008

Only I, in this ridiculously warm and muggy weather, would be thinking about knitting socks for winter.

I started knitting around 4 months ago to give me something to do and as something to calm me down (I have an anxiety disorder and it helps me cope with it, its relaxing and requires just enough concentration that I can’t worry about things.)

I’ve been learning at a pace but the need for balls of wool I could pull from the centre has become more evident and so after investigating ball winders and discovering nostepinnes , I did a sketch and took it to my partners farther who happens to be a wood turner.

I received my special order nostepinne on Saturday and spent much of yesterday winding wool into balls on it, partly because its was fun to watch them grow and partly in preparation for my next project Sox on 2 Stix from the Knitty website. The weather is incredibly hot and sticky so I was alternating winding yarn with fanning myself with my pretty fan.

The nostepinne is turned from purple heartwood and its satiny smooth to the touch and such a lovely colour. If I oil it it will stay purple or it will go a deep rich brown colour.

With my fan is my first attempt at using my nostepinne…I was doing it completely wrong and it soon got unravelled and I started again and voila!

Here’s what I’ve wound so far:

The two marled balls are from 50g skeins of Sirdar Country Life and the large pink one is a 100g skein of Sirdar Snuggly. The one I am currently winding is also a  100g skein of Sirdar Snuggly. Its harder work winding the 100g balls odviously, but am getting used to it now.

I also have a hand turned spinning drop spindle on its way as well, as I am going to take part in a workshop next weekend. I am all for self sufficiency and am working towards self suffieient knitting!
More on my Soxs and my spinning soon!



  1. That looks quite a lot like a belaying pin!

    Hmm, that looks like a really good idea. I also have a problem with being able to pull the yarn out of the center of a skein… I’ll have to see if I can get in touch with a wood turner.

  2. Very similar in fact (was how i described it to start with) but you need grooves to knot the yarn into.

    Its a lot easier, especially with thin yarn.

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